KxllSwxtch – “This is not a song, This is a mental breakdown”

    Being from Orange County, CA, I was able to get on the KXLLSWXTCH wave pretty early considering we’re from the same area. Upon release after release of consistent bangers and some melodic acoustic tracks KXLLSWXTCH makes his LOADING MAGAZINE debut with his new track “THIS IS NOT A SONG THIS IS A MENTAL BREAKDOWN” produced by Crmsyn.

   With a strange title and cover art that doesn’t match in the slightest, this track definitely stands out before it even starts. KXLLSWXTCH immediately makes the 808-heavy track his own with his signature adlibs and distinct screaming. That isn’t to say he can’t spit though, he always drops memorable bars and one liners using unique flows on every track. It’s very easy to fall into the hole of the thousands of artists in this lane but he’s quickly making a name for himself and creating a recognizable sound and feel. He’s also become one of my personal favorite artists in the last year because of how consistent he is and just how much potential he has. 

   What do you think of KXLLSWXTCH’s new track? Have you checked out his catalogue? We highly suggest you do and let us know what you think!


   ▶️ instagram.com/kxllswxtch

   ▶️ twitter.com/kxllswxtch

   ▶️ soundcloud.com/kxllswxtch

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