Hollywoodkeyzzz Is Putting On For South Carolina!

Raising the bar in Beaufort, South Carolina Hollywoodkeyzzz returns with a brand new Tyler Burton directed music video titled “New New”. Key is an individual who represents the misfits and outcasts, but is guiding his demographic to just live life to the fullest, and not care about what anybody else thinks about you.

Not very often do you hear of a EDM/Rap song, but Key has successfully found his sound and niche. Providing super energetic tracks, backed by visuals that inspire you to learn more about Key’s wild life. Both North & South Carolina have been really hot in terms of music the last couple of years. With Hollywoodkeyzzz, introducing a new sound into Beaufort, there is no doubt in my mind that Carolina will continue to remain a hot-bed for undiscovered talent.

Watch “New New” Below:

Written By: Colton Kopacz!

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