Chicago’s Doa Beezy Drops “Raq Baby”

Doa Beezy has proven himself to be one of Chicago’s hottest artists after releasing his debut album Trama Child in February. Doa Beezy has an incredible ability of expressing the pain and trauma he has experienced from growing up in Chicago. It’s evident that he truly pours his heart and emotions out on each track. His debut album was super impressive and had fans wondering what was in store next for Doa.

He just released his follow up project Raq Baby, where he expresses what it was like for him growing up in Chicago. I was a huge fan of this album too and think it really demonstrates his potential as an artist. The album has ten songs and no features. I respect his decision to not have any features on either of his first two projects because it shows that he can really carry every single track by himself. There’s no gimmick with Doa Beezy; it’s pure talent. He’s one of those artists where all it takes is hearing a couple songs and you know they’re a star.

Go stream Raq Baby by Doa Beezy below.

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