Anklegod Unveils New Hit Project, “Only Time Will Tell”

Vancouver-raised rapper Anklegod just launched his new album, Only Time Will Tell, revealing his natural ability to take on different rap styles in his own way. This release’s variety is sure to impress; Anklegod is clearly ready to show the world what he’s got.

Credits to Chef Yomo, Datboigetro, Heavy Keyzz, Tokyoszn, KULTARGOTBOUNCE, ERIS, I Got LOUDD, KyleJunior, Seph, Drago, and Andyr for producing this eclectic album. Typically, this is where I’d recommend some favorites for y’all to check out, but this album is so equally spread out (with varying approaches). Perhaps it’s best to let that fact do the talking.

Anklegod has proven to be one of Canada’s top emerging rap artists as well as his ability to become a skillful producer at the young age of 18. He’s best known for his works Ankaveli Vol.1 and 2 giving us insight into a difficult upbringing and using music as a way to cope. Strong messages and strong music from Anklegod, and I’d expect nothing less after this latest drop.

TJ McLaughlin, Contributor

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